Flexible Time

Work at your own Flexible time to Earn Your Smart Income, regardless of anywhere or anytime, when you get to go online.

On Mobile Phone

Ever think of what else can your Mobile Phone do for you? We will show you how your Mobile Phone can help you to earn Extra Income.

Social Media

There are many opportunities to earn extra income on social media than you might realize. Here is one that could be the easiest for you.

Borderless Business

Antz Commerce is focusing on ASEAN market and that means your Extra Income can be borderless.

How it Works?

Antz Commerce Sdn Bhd pays referral business model helps you to achieve uninterrupted Extra Income through your mobile by tapping into the power of social medias ! When you shop online or refer friends to join Antz Commerce, our referral system will auto calculate your potential income where you can accumulate them to either withdraw or redeem products. Check it out!

Resellers' Testimonials:

  • fafa_reseller
    Fafa November 1, 2016 at 11.08 pm

    Saya tak sangka saya betul betul dapat pendapatan dari platform ini. Tak payah keluar jumpa kawan, sebar dekat social media dan dapat pendapatan senang! Saya mesti membawa kawan-kawan sekalian cari pendapatan lebih dengan cara yang senang ini!

  • adam_reseller
    Adam - November 9, 2016 at 7.03 pm

    Thank you very much to Antz Commerce. At first, I do not believe it work! But, it is too amazing! I really get my income! There is really no free lunch, what you have to do is hard work! The most important thing is to choose the right platform, and you will deserve how much effort you did!

  • ky_reseller
    KY - November 16, 2016 at 12.07 pm

    我的Potential income 是RM34,983,我今天拿到的收入是 RM18,056!一个月的努力就赚了这个收入!比我上班全职工作还赚更多钱!我现在真正知道 100% 的人群里有 20% 相信我的战友们已经足够了!因为这是公平的,市场上就是80%的人和20%的人打工!恭喜我们,我们就是那20%的人!