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Princess Athena Ring


Swarovski Tag | Ultra tarnish resistant provided by the double layer protection of the Argentium 935 Pro Silver itself and also the layer of Umicore Rhodum plating. | Fully made in Malaysia by local master technicians with 10years of experience and above. | Perfect grade polishing works.

BioNu Deer Placenta (30 capsules/bottle) - 4 bottles


| Produced in New Zealand, from pure environmental pollution-free country | Deer Placenta is similiar to that of human being's and are widely recognized as the finest Placenta | 20:1 concentration ratio of active stem cells | The use of advanced lyophilization technology that making living cells to be stored for longer period of time, preserve and maintain the cells for up to 3 to 4 years of life, so the effectiveness of them will not be affected | Enteric coated capsules assist Deer Placenta more easily absorbed by the body