Terms of Use



1. The Company

1.1 ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD is an Exclusive Master Distributor of beeZmall.com and C88 Premier JewelleryDistributor. It supports and encourages independent reseller to engage in selling beeZshop licenses and credit, by ways of building a network of reseller.

1.2 A Reseller is one who has filled up the application form and being accepted and confirmed by the Company as such. All application to be Reseller must fulfill the conditions set out in Rule 4 below.

2. General Policies

2.1 This Business Handbook has been adopted by ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD to define the rights, duties and responsibilities of ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD Reseller. The following rules are design to promote harmony and preserve the benefits, rights and privileges of ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD Reseller and are not meant to limit or restrict their business.

2.2 ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD member is required to familiarize himself/herself with the Policies and Rules of this Business Handbook.

2.3 The Company reserves the right to amend or change existing rules, or to add new rules without giving prior notice to the Distributors.

2.4 The Company will from time to time, issue circulars and memorandum to inform Reseller of any addition, amendment, or changes.

2.5 Each Reseller, by signing the Reseller Application Form, expressly agrees to abide and be bound by the Policies and Rules of this Business Handbook.

2.6 Any Reseller who fails to observe the Policies and Rules will not plead ignorance to the Rules and Regulations.


3. Application

3.1 Any person or partnership consisting of not more than 2 persons desiring to become a Reseller of ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD, must fill in and complete the Distributor Application Form to signify his/her intention to abide by the Rules and Regulation.

3.2 The application must be submitted in the prescribed Reseller Application Form with all particulars given in full and frank.

3.3 For partnership of more than 1 persons, the following documents must be submitted to the Company:

(a) Partnership Business Registration License.

(b) Partnership agreement that clearly states the liabilities and rights of each partner and in the case of resolution of partnership, the person who will register with the Company in place of the partnership.

(c) An authorization letter authorizing one of the partners as representative of the partnership in all transactions and dealings with the Company.

3.4 The application to become ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD Reseller is subjected to the confirmation by the Company. The Company reserves the right to reject application which does not contain the full particular or details as required in the Application Form. Application which is based on forged or fraudulent information is considered null and void.

3.5 All Resellership is valid upon confirmation from the Company through its authorized employees, by signing, stamping and returning the duplicate copies.

4. Conditions

4.1 All individuals applying to be a ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD Resellers must fulfill the following conditions:

(a) Age 18 years and above,

(b) A Malaysia citizen or permanent resident,

(c) Foreigner or non-resident must submit a copy of their passport and local bank account no. (the Company have the right to make the income tax deduction before monthly bonus is issued).

(d) Must be sponsored by a valid ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD Reseller.

4.2 Application who does not fulfill the above mentioned conditions will not be accepted by the Company.

5. Independent Distributorship

5.1 All Resellers are considered as independent contractors. There is no agency or employment relationship between the Company and any Reseller.

5.2 A Reseller relationship with the Company is that of a contractual nature. Only adult individual aged 18 and above can initiate contract with the Company for Reseller.

5.3 A Reseller does not have the power or authority to bind the Company to any obligation or to contract in the name of the Company and create a liability against the Company in any way for any purpose.

5.4 A Reseller shall not use the Company’s name, logo, slogans and trademarks without consent of the Company.

5.5 The Reseller shall not represent himself/herself, implicitly or expressly, to be the sole or exclusive Reseller for or to any particular are or territory of ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD business.

6. Husband & Wife Distributorship

6.1 A husband and wife can apply separately as a Resellership but under the same line of sponsorship.

6.2 If two ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD Resellers have been independently operating their ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD career prior to their marriage, they have the following options:

(a) Resign from one Resellership; or

(b) Operate both Resellership of which each will be maintained in its original line of sponsorship.

6.3 In case of single Resellership, both husband and wife shall enjoy all awards and benefits jointly.

6.4 In case of a divorce, unless the parties shall have both agreed on the mode of sharing the awards, the awards shall be distributed equally.

7. Willing & Inheritance

7.1 The ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD career can willed and be inherited and taken over by the heir of Reseller in case of old age, death or disability.

7.2 The heir could be the next of kin of the Reseller, or whoever individual whom he/she has willed his/her assets to, or whoever individual who inherits his/her asset by operation of the local law.

7.3 All heirs who qualify to inherit a Resellership shall be required to maintain the minimum Business Volume (BV) in order to continuously enjoy the benefits as provided for in the Marketing Plan.

8. Resellership & Transfer of Sponsorship

8.1 Transfer of sponsorship is not permitted save in special circumstances as outlined in Rule 8.2 (b).

8.2 Transfer of sponsorship is allowed only if all the following conditions are fulfilled:

a) The Reseller has with written notice resigned from the ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD Resellership, or the Resellership has been terminated by the Company with notice.

b) At least 183 days has lapsed since the resignation is received and confirmed by the Company; or from the date of termination.

c) During the 6 months period, the Associate must observe the following conditions:

i) He/ she cannot purchase any ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD credit as a Reseller, although he/she can still purchase ANTZ COMMERCE SDN BHD credit as a customer.

9. Potential Income

9.1 Potential income does not mean reseller actual income, the total amount is based on the calculation of total resellers in genealogy.

9.2 The actual income will be calculated based on any resellers in genealogy paid for activation of their account.

9.3 Calculation will be start on calendar month until end of the month. Payment will be transfers to every reseller account on 7th of each month while reseller account active on previous month.

10. Termination

10.1 Company have the right to terminate any reseller account which is violated any rules and regulations as above.

11. Return Policy

11.1 Items purchased or shipped from antzcommerce.com, can be returned within 7 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them.

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